Distinguished Alumni Visiting Professorship

Department of Ophthalmology – Children’s National Health System

1998-99 Craig McKeown, MD

1999-2000 M. Edward Wilson, Jr., MD
Dissociated Horizontal Deviation

2000- 01 Edward Raab, MD
Strabismus Re-Operations: Design Strategies and Creative Solutions

2001-02 William Scott, MD
Management of Horizontal Strabismus

2002-03 John Baker, MD
Strabismus Surgery in Adults

2003-04 Bronwyn Bateman, MD
Genetic Bases of Pediatric Cataracts: Common Sense vs. Science

2004-05 Monte Del Monte, MD
Pediatric Cataract Extraction and IOL Implantation

2005-06 Thomas France, MD
Visual Evoked Potentials in Pediatric Ophthalmology

Sherwin J. Isenberg, MD
The Developing Neonatal Eye

Léon-Paul Noël, MD
Congenital Disc Anomalies of Systemic Importance

David A. Plager, MD
Capillary Hemangiomas

2009-10 David R. Stager, Sr., MD
The Inferior Oblique Muscle

2010-11 Elias I. Traboulsi, MD
Optic Nerve Hypoplasia Clinical Aspects and Etiological Underpinnings

2011-12 Mark J. Greenwald, MD
Sensory Aspects of Strabismus

2012-13 Gary L. Rogers, MD
Amblyopia: Present and Future

2013-14 Marilyn B. Mets, MD
Marfan Syndrome

2014-15 Avery H. Weiss, MD
Infantile Nystagmus Syndrome: Sensory vs. Motor – Functional Analysis of Waveform Components and Pathogenic Mechanisms

2015-16 George S. Ellis, Jr., MD
Management of Childhood Ptosis

2016-17 James M. Richard, MD
Lessons from a Lifetime in Pediatric Ophthalmology (and Adult Strabismus)

2017-18 David R. Weakley, Jr, MD
Non-accommodative Esotropia

2018-19 Alfred J. Cossari, Jr, MD
Migraine in Pediatric Ophthalmology